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graphic novel extract. view pdf here



In the book the main character, an artist, is about to make new work. We never see her, we only see her thoughts and feelings as she prepares to write and draw.


The book begins with a three-way conversation between the artist and two other unnamed characters, also neither of whom we see. It becomes apparent that these voices are parts of the artist’s mind: internal voices that offer reassurance, criticism, procrastination, humour.


We see images of motifs and memories as the artist’s mind is flooded with possible triggers for creativity; sometimes we see distracting non-sequiturs; sometimes we see threads of thoughts that are foreshadows for moments later in the book. In-between all of this, we see the things that the artist actually writes and draws: the fruits of her laboured thoughts.

This work is about the complexity of creative thought and creative impulse.

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